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Well, I’m actually sincerely excited that it’s Friday today cause I have the weekend off and will be in Texas for my girl friend’s bridal shower. Hooray! So I’ve used Spotify for a while now [and should probably have a paid account cause the Chick-Fil-A ads are killin’ me], but besides loving the ability to share + customize playlists and listen to almost anything, I have to say there are a few design features that I love about the app like the genre icons you can find in the ‘browse’ section. Well done, Spotify! Though two features I hope they roll out is a mini-player for the app and a way to skip or “thumbs down” ads you’re sick of.

Alrighty, on to your links for the weekend:

+ This quinoa salad with sugar snap peas has been a hit in our apartment.

+ 23 full-sized struggles for all the other petite ladies out there. This is real talk, you guys.

+ The life of working freelance and of working in the wedding industry makes this Buzzfeed article so true. The GIFs are hilarious!

+ You’re getting old produces stats based on your (or a friends’) date of birth. It goes through your history and besides the fact that it makes you feel old, it’s pretty informative and intriguing.

+ DC locals: check out this map of farmers markets in the area!

Have a lovely Friday, everyone!

design / honey packaging


honey hunter honey hunter
I’ve been told that if you buy + eat a scoop of locally made honey, it’ll help with your allergies. I’ve never tried this but I ought to. Honey’s something that I keep around, mostly for tea, but it can be a nice addition for roasting vegetables or spreading on some warm rolls. Above is the cleanly illustrated packaging design for Honey Hunter and below the strictly type design for Bee Raw. Don’t you love those little honey flights?!
bee raw
This Mexican brand, Doce Cielos, was designed by Anagrama.
Doce Cielos
Doce Cielos
Doce Cielos

fashion / lou and grey by LOFT


lou & grey by LOFT
I recently discovered lou and grey by LOFT and completely fell in love with this lounge-inspired collection in lots of pretty neutrals. I especially love the chambray stripe tee and light chambray romper. Seriously, I want it all. Check out the full collection online here and they even have tons of sales going on now, too. Lucky you + happy Monday!



weekend round-up


Ferme A Papier / Summer ShoesFriday! Friday! And so much to still be done…here’s to pressing on for anyone with lots of work to do this weekend. I fell in love with Cat Seto’s Ferme À Papier line in the flesh at the National Stationery Show this year – pictured above is her Summer Shoes art print! As customary, here are a few goodies for you:

+ I’m a fan of Seth Godin – I love his outlook on business, his books, and this 10 question AMA session he had with Skillshare.

+ A peek at the Paper Party I helped out with last week hosted by Nole of Oh So Beautiful Paper – I used a helium tank for the first time! What a fun time with so many paper nerds like myself. (:

+ I love this couples’ story on FastCompany and how they planned their wedding for less than $10,000 in such a creative way utilizing technology. Though I’m surrounded [and love] all my friends + co-workers in the wedding field, I really love what these two did.

+ My friend + fellow blogger went to The Hive blog conference in Copenhagen and shared what she learned about being your own advocate. I could use a lesson or two in that.

+ The UT 2014 commencement speech by Naval Adm. William H. McRaven is well worth the listen. Goosebumps.

coffee talk / resolve to begin


We’re always striving, aren’t we? Longing for something different, better, more this or that. It’s easy to dream, at least for me. But you can dream all you want and wake up to the reality that you’re right where you started or where you left off. Being proactive is essential when you want something to change, but I’m the girl who often gets caught up in the logistics of it all, worrying about the details I shouldn’t. Sometimes it’s much simpler to just begin – to start walking in the general direction you’re headed and map out the details along the way. At least then you’re moving forward instead of being stagnant. And as the legendary Maya Angelou once said…maya angelou


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