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Exploring Washington DC: Logan Circle + 14th Street



Hello from New York City! Lately there’s been a lot of transitioning, so bear with me. Here’s the skinny: I had my last days at Fig. 2 Design [huge tears] and moved from DC to NYC this week to work on Nearly Impossible, a conference for companies who make + sell physical products, for the next 5 months.

I had this collaboration already in the works with Sharon Tan of paraparasailing before the whirlwind of events, but I wasn’t able to wrap things up until moving day. Needless to say, I’m very excited to share this with you since these changes are fresh. Sharon is a mapper – you read that right. She maps things. For work. How cool is that?! So with all her talents, we came up with a map of DC zoomed in on my favorite boroughs quite near my former apartment [more tears].

The Logan Circle + 14th Street area in Washington DC has been growing exponentially, even just over the last year since I moved there so I wanted to highlight some of these spots. Whether you’re visiting or a local, there are constantly new establishments popping up left and right. Last I saw, there was signage for a West Elm location on 14th!
Exploring DC: Logan Circle + 14th Street // Mapping with Sharon Tan of paraparasailingFor easy clicking, here are all the locations + websites below:

Eating: Barcelona | Birch & Barley | Churchkey | Fainting Goat | Le Diplomate | Lupo Verde | SUNdeVICH | Table

Shopping: Crossroads | Federal | Goodwood | Miss Pixie’s | Redeem | Smucker Farms | Trader Joe’s

Coffee: The Coffee Bar | La Colombe | Peregrine Espresso | The Wydown

Sweets + Sips: American Ice Co. | Dolcezza | Pitango Gelato

Cheers + happy discovering! Thanks so much to Sharon for working on this project with me!


Memorial Day weekend travels / new york



travel / peekskill, new york / photo by long cao
So my first trip of the summer entailed getting my phone stolen. Of course, of all places it would be in Vegas…I should’ve known. I spent a few days without a phone which actually felt very liberating and eventually ended up with a hand-me-down iPhone 4. Talk about first world problems – I’m very unsatisfied + frustrated with the camera quality on the 4, so my posting on Instagram became sparse. Like I mentioned yesterday, I spent the past week+ in New York working and galavanting through the semi-empty streets over the holiday weekend. I went to a few places worth noting and stole my guys’ phone to snap some pics so bookmark away!
new york travels
Donostia is a quaint Basque tapas restaurant in East Village, Manhattan with map-covered walls and bar seating for small parties. Amazing tapas at a great value. Don’t worry, I didn’t understand the menu either but they explain it well!

I went to the Hungry Ghost coffee shop nestled in a busy Park Slope, Brooklyn intersection and was stunned by the greys on greys and unique furniture. They serve Stumptown and apparently have delicious chocolate chip cookies which I’ll have to go back for.

Freemans, oh you are charming. Located in a SoHo alleyway, this little gem is well worth the experience – I mean just look at it. I recommend getting an entree + appetizer/salad to split with a friend.

The boyf and I took a day trip up to Peekskill, a small town about an hour north of Manhattan by train, and browsed through the shelves at Bruised Apple Books. It’s a legit, used-book-smelling, creaking floors kind of bookstore. The best kind of bookstore.

Overall, it was a very chill and low-key holiday weekend which is exactly what I needed. Who knew a city like that could be relaxing?

[ photo by Long Cao ]

wanderlust / travel essentials



My calendar looks pretty daunting right now in all of it’s color coded glory, but there are lots of things to be excited about [mostly weddings and all the related events] and a lot of traveling ahead of me starting in two weeks. This summer is gonna be p-a-c-k-e-d [pun only partially intended], so here’s where I’m headed and some of my travel essentials.

1 / Las Vegas means shows, buffets, and day clubs for a semi-joint bachelor(ette). I have a feeling we’re going to need some Help Remedies which I’ve found at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Let’s see if I can survive that weekend to participate in all the others, hah!

2 / New York City – this will be my third time at the National Stationery Show [woohoo!], but I seriously can’t go any place now without some wet wipes. They beat hand sanitizer and pack flat so they can slip right into your clutch or small crossbody. My favorite ones are the ones with witty sayings from Blue Q.

3 / Cayman Islands – my first destination wedding! I always travel with one of these Flight 001 laundry bags. They conceal odors and are small + washable, perfect for your undies. Thank goodness for barre classes keeping me in shape for this!

4 / Texas, you’re home. I can’t wait to go back for my best friends’ wedding. I’ve been using the Trader Joe’s Vitamin E oil in replacement of body lotion after showers and it’s worked like a charm through the harsh winter. It comes in little bottles so they’re airport security safe – what a relief.

5 / Charlottesville – so perfect for a vineyard wedding! These Baggu duck bags have been my best travel companion for weekend trips. It fits my laptop, changes of clothes, and makeup bag so easily. I just sling it on my shoulder and go.

6 / LA – oh, it has been too long and I’m glad to be going back for wedding #4. My favorite crossbody purchase has hands down been the Cuyana saddle bag which sadly is no longer listed on their website [for now at least]. And you can bet it fits a pack of those wet wipes.

What are some things you can’t travel without? I’m that girl browsing the travel size section of drugstores and Bed, Bath & Beyond, so I’m always looking for something new. But seriously, there is absolutely no coincidence why my Twitter handle is @iamtravelsize – just sayin’.

travel / weekenders



weekender travel bags
Who’s up for a weekend trip? I’d love to road trip down to the Carolinas or finally make it to Philly for even just a day trip. Pack up your car, buy a train/plane ticket and get out of town for some breathing room when you need it and don’t have any PTO. If you pack light, all you need is one of these weekenders and you don’t even have to check anything in [who likes to do that anyway?].

Grab a friend and one of these beauts and hit the road:
1 / Baggu duffel bag in chestnut
2 / cuyana canvas and leather overnight bag
3 / Everlane reverse denim weekender
4 / Muji water repellant polyester bag
5 / Herschel Supply Co. packable duffel bag
6 / Kate Spade Saturday weekender in steel blue signature zig zag

warmth and wanderlust



Cabo | Vicki Grafton Photography
I’m so ready for warmer weather. Every week has been snowy and windy [rinse and repeat] and I’m just ready for Spring! Thank goodness the sun’s out today to melt away the snow that’s piled up from the past week. Anyone else over it, too? Love these gorgeous shots that make me want to escape to Cabo or Bali right about now. This winter has been brutal for my Southern + Singaporean self. I could go for a good dose of humidity and weather above 30 degrees. Get me outta here!
Bali | Vicki Grafton Photography

[ photos by Vicki Grafton ]

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