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weekend round-up



photo by olenyka
Oh, I’m so thankful it has felt like Spring this week. I’m in dire need of Vitamin D and warmer weather and I super hope that the cherry blossoms come out in the next 2 weeks! Planning on getting some good rest this weekend, doing some Spring cleaning, and exploring a few fun things in DC! Here are some links for your weekend:

+ I was really excited when I heard about this teen’s science fair project showing that the government could save millions by changing the standard typeface to Garamond, but then FastCompany burst his bubble and got technical with it to show it’s not really true after all.

+ What say you? Is it the end of trends?

+ This portrait project highlighting ethnic diversity matching skin tones to Pantones is genius and wonderful.

David Letterman is retiring [so sad] next year but here’s a video refresher to keep your spirits up.

+ I’m all about these 10 surprising ways to transform your creative thinking.

+ A funny but pretty accurate map of the United States of Bros.

+ This piece by my friend, Sharon, about growing your character through your day job.

+ Love Kristen Bell singing “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” from Frozen live and this a cappella cover of Usher – There Goes My Baby.

Cheers, y’all!
Also, my comments are back! Thank goodness.

[ photo by olenyka via Instagram ]

weekend links



Vicki Grafton Photography
Seriously, I’m done with the cold, the rain, the snow. Spring it on, people! I want it to look like this shot Vicki Grafton took last year*, even if it was in the heat of summer. I’m working my first wedding of the season tomorrow and am praying against the rain. I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend! Here’s a little round up of links for your perusal:

+ If you haven’t heard what happened with Gwyneth Paltrow, you should. And then you should Goopify your relationship status – accurate and hilarious.

+ I’ve been on a Delta Rae kick lately. They’re so talented!

+ Here are 21 fresh examples of responsive web design. My favorite picks are Johann Lucchini, oak.is, and studio nudge.

+ An amazing story on Elle about journalist and filmmaker Fazeelat Aslam – a woman who risks her life to tell other peoples’ stories.

+ Piggybacking off yesterday’s post, if the online world has got you stumped at how to talk to people in real life, here’s FastCompany’s 5 ways to have a great conversation. Hop to it, y’all!

*Fun fact: this was the first little project I dreamt up on Style Me Pretty Living!

round-up / wishlisted



round-up / wishlist
A little round-up of a few things on my wishlist lately:

(1) I’d love to add a good basic U-neck white tee from Everlane to my wardrobe.

(2) I own one clutch and it’s pretty bling-y [well, it's all gold, glittery and Kate Spade], so I’d love to add a more casual/everyday gray foldover clutch into the mix. I love this one by Clare V.

(3) The other day I ran across this codify metal pencil holder on the Anthropologie website and my jaw dropped. Beautiful! But maybe when I have my own office space one day…

(4) And unfortunately since it’s still so cold, I could use a solid sweatshirt. This Everlane seed stitch raglan in dark gray is definitely on my list for those work-from-home days!

**Just a housekeeping note: sorry the commenting hasn’t been working on the blog. I’m still trying to figure out what the problem is, but thanks for bearing with me!

reads for the weekend



PAUL bakery pastries / photo by sweet root village
Snag a pastry this morning and sit for a while cause I’m kicking off the weekend with a round-up post of links + reads that I finally got to sift through. Feast your eyes and read away! There are definitely some great pieces in here:

+ Some awesome snippets of when Lena Dunham’s interviewed Mindy Kailing – read the full version on Rolling Stone.

+ I’m all about this piece on The Right Way To Steal Ideas from Fast Company.

+ The Loren Hope Look Book is so well done in copy, design, photos – everything.

+ A fabulous idea and really great move by Amtrak to give writers free train rides.

+ In case you were wondering, here are 12 Things Happy People Do Differently.

+ Forewarning that this article may be NFW and more risqué than the usual content here, but too insightful not to share. The story of the Duke University Freshman Porn Star is definitely one worth reading – lots to reconsider and think about.

+ Anyone getting ready for Spring cleaning? Take these pro tips on What Not To Do When De-cluttering Your Home.

+ If you’re craving some real pages to thumb through, here’s Refinery29′s list of Best Books. I’m adding Me Before You, Looking For Alaska, Magical Thinking, and The Goldfinch to my list.

+ This Kickstarter is getting started! Read about The Great Discontent print magazine.

[ photo by Sweet Root Village ]

winter essentials



winter essentials
Back to the reality of this weather. Here are some things that have been helping me survive this indecisive season. What are some winter essentials you keep with you?

1 / Harney and Sons Paris Tea is my personal favorite.
2 / C.O. Bigelow Chapped Hands Soap Free Cleanser is a little saving grace to have in my bathroom mirror.
3 / This Bulleit Bourbon is great for making hot toddies on blistering cold nights.
4 / Candles. The more the merrier. These Sydney Hale Co. candles are made in small batches right in Virginia and smell absolutely divine. I love that they come in different packaging depending on the scent.
5 / These Nap socks from Brookstone are a definite must-have. I wear ‘em in my boots and around the house.
6 / My newest discovery is the Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm that I’ve decided will be forever stocked in my purse.

I promise after this I’ll try to stop talking about the weather. It really is the most ridiculous winter of my life.

weekend reads



DC apartment / photo by Long Cao
Goodness, do the weeks fly by or what? It’s Friday and there’s still so much to do, and they’re calling for snow again tomorrow. I’m so over it. Bring on Spring! Anyhow I just thought I’d share some worthwhile reads for a slow day at work or over the weekend:

+ Seriously, I think Jenna Lyons is an incredible genius and human being. This piece on her transforming the J.Crew brand is so inspiring.

+ Let’s talk race. “Being angry about racial inequality is easy. Navigating, processing, and articulating race — that’s hard.” – Carlina Duan / The Michigan Daily, Michigan in Color

+ So I’m definitely not out of ideas right now, but if you are…here’s What To Do When You Run Out Of Ideas

+ I love everything about this Women VS. Women, And A Little Thing Called “Self-Respect” post from Wit & Delight. Wonderfully written, all truth.

+ I’m a big fan of Seth Godin & in the midle of reading his book Small Is The New Big on business ideas. I enjoyed this TED piece on Why I Want You To Steal My Ideas.

Enjoy your weekend! Here’s to hoping it doesn’t snow again…

[ a peek into my living space, photo by Long Cao / prints by Lindsay Letters ]

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