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everyday / a tea party



everyday annie dillard
Sorry for the radio silence – things have been crazy and are continuing to get crazier [updates on that later] in my travel size world. And while life continues to move forward perhaps a little faster than I anticipated, I’m thankful for these kinds of moments where you can block the world out and take it slow for a few hours. Our lives hardly ever look like this, but it’s finding the joy in the everyday and stopping on the sidewalk to rummage through a yard sale. This is how Angela and I found this gem of a tea set from the 1930s. After bringing these treasures home, we decided to have some friends over for a tea party to break in our fancy finds. We reused flowers from a bouquet to make arrangements for the table, took out our favorite teas, and stopped by Trader Joe’s to stock up on snacks.

Everyone has a way of holding on to moments. Whether you still scrapbook or just Instagram your heart out, everyone has an outlet because everyone wants to remember. For me, I collect business cards from favorite places and restaurants and for Angela, she composes beautiful videos like this one:

Everyday is a collaborative creative lifestyle project that challenges us to be intentional about how we spend our time. It often feels like we have very little control over what happens to us–and to an extent that’s true–but we also have more power than we think to choose and take responsibility for how our stories unravel.

[ video by Angela Wu, styling by us! ]

design / business cards



business cards / megan soh
I’m super thrilled to share with y’all my new + upgraded business cards. I’ve had this general design for a while thanks to Claudia [ the head honcho at Fig. 2 ], but I had a fresh set printed on double thick letterpress paper and edge painted(!) in a classic neutral hue. My name was written by one of my favorites, a local calligrapher Michele at Meant to be Calligraphy in her style Glade. Thanks so much to dear Yvonne Rock for these photos!
business cards / megan soh  business cards / megan soh
A few fun facts + details about these images: the beautiful gold-rimmed plates were a find at Miss Pixie’s and they were such a steal! And in case you were wondering, that lovely metallic cotton ribbon on the spool is from Angela Liguori at Studio Carta.
business cards / megan soh
[ photos by Yvonne Rock ]

project #look7in7 / six

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#look7in7 / run river north - growing up
After going to an amazing Run River North [formerly Monsters Calling Home] show, I decided to pen another lyric from one of their songs and one of my favorites, Growing Up for my #look7in7.

project #look7in7 / five

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happiness / petitely
A little snippet of a line from one of my current favorite country songs with a mix of hand-lettered via Illustrator elements and typeset for another #look7in7 project!

Good golly, this week is tough!

project #look7in7 / four



chat & chew
A month or two ago I strolled into my roommate‘s room and suggested we try to cook together to encourage each other to eat healthier, cook more, have a variety in our packed lunches, and save money [I know, shocker.]. We hadn’t been very good about it, and then I thought it might be better to have an incentive or a goal so we came up with this idea and named it chat & chew.

Essentially chat & chew is a casual way to meet someone new and have a good weekday night swapping stories and lots of laughter over a home-cooked meal. The idea behind it is that Angela and I each invites one friend and that friend brings a friend along with a side or dessert to share. We provide the main dish for the night, and then it also becomes a way for us to try new things and cook more often in general. It’s a small group of 6 – big enough for multiple conversations to happen while we’re still prepping as people arrive + mingle over drinks and intimate enough that we can cozy up on couches at the end of the night in our little DC apartment.

It was such an organically successful night that I decided to come up with a little logo and tag line for my #look7in7. I can’t wait to host more chat & chews!

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