discovering trohv


last week i [finally!] had the opportunity to visit trohv, a home + gift shop in dc. if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen a few pictures of the place, but it is such a wonder in person – if you’re in town [they also have a baltimore location], you must go visit. they have their own parking lot and aren’t far from the takoma metro. i went all paparazzi on them with my iphone and am super excited to share some snaps of their space.trohv in dc / petitely
trohv in dc / petitely
a collection of typewriters greets you as you walk in. i swear my friend and i stood in the entrance for 5 straight minutes taking in the space. trohv feels like a really well curated antique shop – it’s old meets new, from vintage to modern jonathan adler.

trohv in dc / petitely trohv in dc / petitely   trohv in dc / petitelytrohv in dc / petitely
trohv really has something for everyone. sections for the guys, the kids, antique lovers and liquor lovers alike.
trohv in dc / petitely trohv in dc / petitely   trohv in dc / petitelytrohv in dc / petitelyof course, my favorite section hands down was the stationery section. they carry so many of my favorite designers [belle & union, simplesong design, sugar paper, rifle paper co., mr. boddington…just to name a few], i got a little carried away. it was a little piece of heaven for me to be in there!
trohv in dc / petitely   trohv in dc / petitelytrohv in dc / petitelyalso, i need to mention this gigantic shopping cart! i bet i could fit a little army of megan’s in there. literally. i have no idea how they even got it in there, but it’s awesome. perhaps it could be the trohv celebrity you have to go see.
trohv in dc / petitely
let’s just say i had a wonderful time discovering trohv and plan to visit again soon! i hope you will too.

happy wanderlusting!

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