project #look7in7 / six


#look7in7 / run river north - growing up
After going to an amazing Run River North [formerly Monsters Calling Home] show, I decided to pen another lyric from one of their songs and one of my favorites, Growing Up for my #look7in7.

project #look7in7 / five


happiness / petitely
A little snippet of a line from one of my current favorite country songs with a mix of hand-lettered via Illustrator elements and typeset for another #look7in7 project!

Good golly, this week is tough!

project #look7in7 / four


chat & chew
A month or two ago I strolled into my roommate‘s room and suggested we try to cook together to encourage each other to eat healthier, cook more, have a variety in our packed lunches, and save money [I know, shocker.]. We hadn’t been very good about it, and then I thought it might be better to have an incentive or a goal so we came up with this idea and named it chat & chew.

Essentially chat & chew is a casual way to meet someone new and have a good weekday night swapping stories and lots of laughter over a home-cooked meal. The idea behind it is that Angela and I each invites one friend and that friend brings a friend along with a side or dessert to share. We provide the main dish for the night, and then it also becomes a way for us to try new things and cook more often in general. It’s a small group of 6 – big enough for multiple conversations to happen while we’re still prepping as people arrive + mingle over drinks and intimate enough that we can cozy up on couches at the end of the night in our little DC apartment.

It was such an organically successful night that I decided to come up with a little logo and tag line for my #look7in7. I can’t wait to host more chat & chews!

project #look7in7 / three


#look7in7 / bloom where you're planted
Ah, I know I’m behind at posting these but here is day 3 of #look7in7 with an iPhone photo I snapped while weaving through the crowds at the tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms again. I overlayed it with part hand drawn text and part typeset. Super simple for a busy weekend! Curious as to what the musicians and writers are up to? See the rest of SEVEN-in-SEVEN.

project #look7in7 / two


Day 2, here we go.
Two of my best friends are getting married and all of us run in a ridiculous, often obnoxious tight knit group of friends. They’re having their bachelor and bachelorette parties in Vegas the same weekend and though we’re doing separate activities, we’ll definitely be hitting the buffets together. Thus, I like to call it the bachelor(ette) party. I decided for my second seven-in-seven that I’d dabble in Illustrator a bit more and I drew this with my mouse [sadly, I don't have a wacom]. It was a nice little something to make to get excited about the trip!

project #look7in7 / one


double exposure #look7in7
Well, it’s an ungodly hour but I finished my first #look7in7 project! I still have no idea what I’m doing each day, but it’ll likely be graphic, photo, or web-related. It’s been a while since I’ve learned or taught myself any tricks on Photoshop, so I thought I’d give double exposure for a spin. I took 2 images from different photographers, followed a few basic tutorials thanks to Google, and emerged with this. Meh. Needs a lot of work, but alas…it’s 3am again and Gregory Alan Isakov is calling me to slumber.

If you’re working on this project too, let me know and show me where I can follow along. I’m ready for cherry blossoms, coffee, and delicious grub this weekend. Bring on the sunshine!

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