10 reads to pocket


I’ve been into article reading lately and using Pocket to cache the ones I want to read later + remember. It’s been a great resource to have especially on subway rides, and super easy to share articles with friends (with or without the app). Here are 10 of my favorite recent reads:

1) The Moral Bucket List by David Brooks via NYTimes

2) On Faking It & Sisterly Love by Kate Arends via Wit & Delight

3) The Tough Task of Tough Love by Sharon Tan via Darling Mag

4) The Most Intimate Relationship in Your Life: Your Smartphone by Tom Chatfield via 99u

5) How ‘You Do You’ Perfectly Captures Our Narcissistic Culture by Javier Jaén via NYTimes

6) The Wedding Industry’s Pricey Little Secret by Will Oremus via Slate

7) The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things by Jay Cassano via Fast Company

8) Why PepsiCo CEO Indra K. Nooyi Can’t Have It All by Conor Friedersdorf via The Atlantic

9) A Beginner’s Guide to the Secret Language of Airport Runways by Kelsey Campbell-dollaghan via Gizmodo

10) Dieter Rams: If I Could Do It Again, “I Would Not Want To Be A Designer” by Gary Hustwit via Fast Company

Happy reading!!
Photo by Death to the Stock Photo

Happy Easter + Lavender Field Shoot!


Happy Easter, friends!
I know it’s been a crazy long time since I’ve been over here. I’ve been weaning off my freelance gigs and dedicating myself to full-time work for the first time in years! Adjusting to life in New York has also been an exhausting but fulfilling process, but don’t fret –– I will be around these parts again soon with some possible new projects. In the meantime, I’ve signed on as a contributor at Oh So Beautiful Paper on a new Behind the Stationery column! You can catch me over there, but for now here are some fun behind the scenes shots from a lavender field shoot with Vicki Grafton and Alicia Broehl at Seven Oaks Lavender Farm in Virginia.
VickiGraftonPhotographyLavender-15  VickiGraftonPhotographyLavender-17
VickiGraftonPhotographyLavender-27  VickiGraftonPhotographyLavender-20
VickiGraftonPhotographyLavender-33  VickiGraftonPhotographyLavender-35
VickiGraftonPhotographyLavender-36  VickiGraftonPhotographyLavender-9
VickiGraftonPhotographyLavender-2  VickiGraftonPhotographyLavender-1

everyday / a tea party


everyday annie dillard
Sorry for the radio silence – things have been crazy and are continuing to get crazier [updates on that later] in my travel size world. And while life continues to move forward perhaps a little faster than I anticipated, I’m thankful for these kinds of moments where you can block the world out and take it slow for a few hours. Our lives hardly ever look like this, but it’s finding the joy in the everyday and stopping on the sidewalk to rummage through a yard sale. This is how Angela and I found this gem of a tea set from the 1930s. After bringing these treasures home, we decided to have some friends over for a tea party to break in our fancy finds. We reused flowers from a bouquet to make arrangements for the table, took out our favorite teas, and stopped by Trader Joe’s to stock up on snacks.

Everyone has a way of holding on to moments. Whether you still scrapbook or just Instagram your heart out, everyone has an outlet because everyone wants to remember. For me, I collect business cards from favorite places and restaurants and for Angela, she composes beautiful videos like this one:

Everyday is a collaborative creative lifestyle project that challenges us to be intentional about how we spend our time. It often feels like we have very little control over what happens to us–and to an extent that’s true–but we also have more power than we think to choose and take responsibility for how our stories unravel.

[ video by Angela Wu, styling by us! ]

sainte maria illustrations


jcrew menswear by sainte maria
I’m back from vacation + my friends’ wedding in Grand Cayman! What a perfectly restful time and amazing celebration of love and life. I’ve recently discovered the illustrations of Sainte Maria and love the different mediums she uses for her art. Here are some of my favorites that definitely made an appearance this past weekend: white mens shirts, champagne, lingerie, and flowers. Happy wedding and happy marriage to my dear friends, Cathy and Eric.
moet champagne by sainte maria lingerie by sainte maria
marc jacobs flowers by sainte maria
[ illustrations by Sainte Maria ]

coffee talk / camaraderie


angela megan
Some days, your goal is to get home.” Okay, so I’m quoting myself from last week – lame, but it’s true. Some days you just lose your marbles and that’s the best you can do. The girl up there to the left is my roommate, Angela. We were set up. Yeah, you read that right. A mutual friend saw our Instagram feeds, thought we’d make good friends, made us exchange contact info when we first met, and promise to hang out [aka go on a friend date]. Thanks to GT + TO we became friends and then roommates who trek through snow to get ice cream sammies, quote song lyrics to one another, and scour for concerts to attend together.

But behind the pretty pictures we rough it together through days when everything falls through our fingers [literally and metaphorically] and we can’t formulate complete thoughts using real words. And really it’s not about her or about me, but about the human need for camaraderie. We will always need support and we will always need one another because we were never meant to live alone, but it comes at the cost of time. Your precious, running-out-of-the-funnel time that no one has enough of these days. Meaningful relationships and trust can only be built when you invest the time and in this particular season of life I’ve found it to be the hardest but also the most rewarding thing to give. I guess that’s why they say time is our greatest asset.

The handful of friends near and far who have taken the time to listen, love, support and affirm me through the slumps and little victories of the past year have been so life-giving. I hope you have a comrade or two that you’re living out life with – investing your time and heart into parts of their roller coaster life. If not, reach out to someone and initiate a friend date! It’s gotta start somewhere. No need to get all ambitious and have a whole band of comrades, just a few quality peeps will do.

[ photos by Long Cao ]

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